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Climate Change

OPC Adopted a Resolution on Implementation of the Safeguarding California Plan for Reducing Climate Risks: An Update to the 2009 Climate Adaptation Strategy.

At the August 27th OPC meeting, the Council unanimously adopted a resolution with a policy directive for state entities and non-state entities with projects using state funds or on state lands, to reduce climate risks to coastal and ocean resources.  The resolution also directed OPC staff to work on key recommendations in the Safeguarding California Plan, including working with the State Coastal Leadership Group on Sea-level Rise to develop a concise visionary action plan.

New Resources for Responding to Coastal Climate Change in California

Building on the growing momentum to address climate change impacts to coastal California, there are many funding, training and capacity-building events upcoming. These include the California Adaptation Forum, a free workshop on Sea-level Rise and Shoreline Change Planning Tools, 4th Climate Assessment Public Meetings, CivicSpark Climate Readiness Teams for Capacity-building for Local Governments in CA, the Kresge Foundation Initiative for Climate-Resilience for Low-income People, the State Coastal Conservancy Climate Ready Grant Program, and Local Technical Assistance Grants for Climate Change Impacts to Economic Development. Click here to learn more.

Local Coastal Program (LCP) grants – staff recommendations are being presented at the December OPC meeting.

Funding was available through two coordinated grant programs. Grants awards were approved by the Coastal Commission and the OPC at their November and December meetings respectively.

  • Ocean Protection Council (OPC) LCP Sea-level Rise Grant Program: $1.2 million available for work that supports LCP updates specifically to address sea-level rise, including sea-level rise modeling, vulnerability assessments, and adaptation planning and policy development.
  • Coastal Commission LCP Planning Assistance Grant Program: $1 million available for updating and certifying LCPs; may include updates to address impacts of climate change and sea-level rise.

The OPC, Coastal Commission, and State Coastal Conservancy worked together to manage these two separate grant programs.  To simplify the process for applicants, and streamline the review of the proposals, these two programs offered a joint application (application period closed on July 7, 2014).

For more information on the grant program, please contact:

  • OPC LCP Sea-level Rise Grant Program – Abe Doherty,
  • Coastal Commission LCP Planning Assistance Grant Program – Hilary Papendick, Statewide LCP Grant Coordinator, or (415) 904-5294

In addition, the OPC continues to engage in interagency coordination on climate change issues through the Coastal and Ocean Working Group of the California Climate Action Team (CO-CAT). On March 15, 2013 OPC staff presented an update to the State of California Sea-Level Rise Guidance Document. The purpose of the SLR Guidance is to help state agencies incorporate future sea-level rise impacts into planning decisions, and was recently updated to include the best current science, as summarized in the final report from the National Academy of Sciences, Sea-Level Rise for the Coasts of California, Oregon, and Washington.

The OPC is also an active member of  the Climate Change Action Coordination Team of the West Coast Governors’ Alliance (WCGA Climate Change ACT), a tri-state (CA, OR, WA) coordinating body that addresses various ocean issues.  All of these entities helped fund the aforementioned National Academies study on Sea-Level Rise and the West Coast.

The WCGA Climate Change ACT using support and funding by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has develop a searchable resource to identify funding opportunities pertaining to climate change including sea-level rise, coastal hazards, and other pertinent issues. The Ocean and Coastal Climate Change Funding Wizard is now live and available for a wide variety of stakeholders to utilize. The Funding Wizard allows users to filter using categories, show only new funding opportunities, and even save searches that are updated each time the site is visited. Please add any relevant grants to the catalog to help provide funding opportunities along the West Coast.

The West Coast Governors’ Alliance has also identified ocean acidification as a priority ocean and coastal health issue. A key first step to address this WCGA priority area is the convening of an ocean acidification and hypoxia panel. At its September 13, 2012 public meeting, the OPC formally charged the OPC Science Advisory  Team, under the leadership of the California Ocean Science Trust, with convening this panel. More about the West Coast Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Panel and the OPC’s involvement in this issue can be found on the Ocean Acidification page.

Further, the OPC has taken steps to fund key studies, assist with policy and guidance, and staff initiatives to address a wide-range of climate change-related topics, as listed below:

Guidance and Policy Resources


Funded Projects


Coordination and Collaboration


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