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Ocean Protection Council Meeting — Wednesday, November 1, 2017

On Wednesday, November 1, 2017, the Ocean Protection Council will host a workshop and panel discussion on California’s great white sharks. The workshop will be held at the Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building, 914 Capitol Mall, Room 500, Sacramento, CA 95814 from 10am to 12pm. At 1 PM, the Ocean Protection Council will hold a public meeting at the Natural Resource Building Auditorium, 1416 Ninth Street in Sacramento.

Dungeness Crab Task Force Meetings – October 16-18, 2017 – Conference Call

The Dungeness Crab Task Force will convene via conference call on October 16-18th. Please note that the meeting will not be held in Ukiah, but instead will be held via conference call due to the recent wildfires impacting California. The Dungeness Crab Task Force meeting goals are: To receive and discuss updates on the status of the California Dungeness crab fishery and the California commercial Dungeness crab trap limit program; To discuss and potentially provide recommendations related to the long-term organizational structure, funding, and operations of an industry-representative body to inform the management and address priorities of the Dungeness crab fishery beyond 2019; To discuss and potentially provide recommendations to update, extend, amend, remove, etc. sunsetting Fish and Game Code sections as they relate to the California Dungeness crab fishery; and To identify recommendations to be forwarded to the Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture, California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), and the Fish and Game Commission via the Dungeness Crab Task Force’s (DCTF) January 15, 2018 report. Please see the agenda for more information.

OPC is hiring an Environmental Scientist

The California Ocean Protection Council (OPC) is hiring an Environmental Scientist for its climate change program. The OPC is a state entity that works to (1) coordinate activities among ocean-related state agencies to improve the effectiveness of state efforts to protect ocean resources, (2) establish policies to coordinate the collection and sharing of scientific data related to coastal and ocean resources between agencies, (3) identify and recommend changes in state and federal law and policy to the Governor and Legislature, and (4) allocate and execute delegated bond funds and other designated funds in a manner that is transparent and in line with OPC’s priorities.

The Environmental Scientist will support OPC’s climate change policy and funding efforts on sea-level rise, mitigation and adaptation, and ocean acidification in coordination with OPC staff, state agencies, local governments, scientists, non-profits and other constituents. The Environmental Scientist will also be responsible for grant and contract management including developing grant/contract content, tracking deliverables, processing invoices, and coordinating with grantees. The Environmental Scientist may also provide additional support and capacity for OPC’s other priority areas, as needed.

Applicants should have a strong working knowledge of coastal and ocean issues and stakeholders in California, experience working on projects and/or research that address impacts from climate change, and excellent written and verbal communication skills. The ability to work in a fast-paced environment and prioritize tasks is a must. The position is located in Sacramento, California.

For more details and to apply, visit:

Ocean Litter Strategy Update

The updated Draft Strategy, derived from ideas generated at the first Ocean Litter workshop held in Oakland, CA in May 2017, is now available for review and comment. The comment period is open from September 14th through October 16th, 2017.

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Call for Nominations for Ocean Protection Council’s Science Advisory Team

The Ocean Protection Council (OPC) welcomes nominations for a vacant seat on the OPC Science Advisory Team (OPC-SAT) for a scientist with experience and knowledge with respect to the science supporting state and federally managed fisheries on the U.S. West Coast. OPC-SAT membership reflects the diversity of expertise needed to provide scientific advice to the California Ocean Protection Council in support of healthy, resilient, and productive ocean and coastal ecosystems. Nominations will be accepted until 30 September 2017. For more information, see the full announcement here.

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