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Summary of Resolutions Passed at the August 27, 2014 OPC Meeting

On August 27, 2014, the California Ocean Protection Council passed two resolutions: one to support the State Water Resource Control Board’s adoption of a trash policy, and one to support implementation of the “Safeguarding California Plan for Reducing Climate Risk.”

New Resources for Responding to Coastal Climate Change in California

Building on the growing momentum to address climate change impacts to coastal California, there are many funding, training and capacity-building events upcoming. These include Coastal Climate Change featured at the California Adaptation Forum, a free workshop on Sea-level Rise and Shoreline Change Planning Tools, 4th Climate Assessment Public Meetings, CivicSpark Climate Readiness Teams for Capacity-building for Local Governments in CA, the Kresge Foundation Initiative for Climate-Resilience for Low-income People, the State Coastal Conservancy Climate Ready Grant Program, and Local Technical Assistance Grants for Climate Change Impacts to Economic Development. Click through to learn more.

Draft “The California Collaborative Approach: Marine Protected Area Partnership Plan”

The draft of “The California Collaborative Approach: Marine Protected Areas Partnership Plan” (Partnership Plan) is closed for public and tribal comment, and under review. Thanks to all who participated in the comment period.

Thank You Ocean: Protecting California’s Ocean

What does a seafloor map look like, and who uses one? How does California use Marine Protected Areas as underwater laboratories? In this Thank You Ocean Report, we continue our conversation with Cat Kuhlman, the California Ocean Protection Council’s Executive Director, as she explains some of the innovative and collaborative projects the council is working on.

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Upcoming Meetings

June 10, 2014
1 – 4 pm
Natural Resources Auditorium, First Floor
1416 Ninth Street, Sacramento

August 27, 2014
1 – 4 pm
Natural Resources Auditorium, First Floor
1416 Ninth Street, Sacramento

December 3, 2014
1 – 4 pm
Natural Resources Auditorium, First Floor
1416 Ninth Street, Sacramento

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