Vision of Successful Adaptation

California has been taking action for over a decade now to change the way that we govern, in order to implement a vision of successful adaptation to sea-level rise and storms:

The coast of California in 2050 is a place that those who live here love and those who come to visit can’t wait to come back to. It is a changing coast as the ocean rises and our coastal climate continues to warm. But it is a place that also bustles with life: vibrant communities, with diverse people who make a good living in coastal towns and cities, in coastal agriculture and fishing, in flourishing industries and well-functioning sea ports that provide wealth to the entire state and the nation; tourists come for our coast’s wild and rich coastal and ocean environment and for the many unique species who share this area with us; local residents continue to have free and easy access to our beaches and water, and that water is clean for swimming, surfing, fishing and [1]drinking. In this way, it is how it’s been for generations: countless people attracted to the shore by strong economies, gorgeous vistas, an incomparable environment, and communities with vibrant and diverse cultures.

And yet something is markedly different along that coast of 2050, too: people are aware of and understand that the climate is changing. They have shifted to clean energy sources, get around in bike- and walk-friendly communities to work and play by public transportation and non-polluting cars if they need wheels. They have come to accept that the climatic stability of the past is no longer our current reality. They have adopted a preparedness culture: governments plan ahead with longer foresight, quickly and efficiently respond to local crises; and households and businesses, too, do their part in being ready for storms and floods, for heat waves and droughts, for wildfires and health threats when they arise. Life goes on, but we work together for the greater good: the coastal California and Bay Area we all love and want to pass on to our children.