Strategic Goal 3: Enhance coastal and marine biodiversity

Through our biodiversity program, we work to enhance the diversity and health of California’s coastal and marine ecosystems, restore and protect threatened habitats, and support sustainable fishing through science-based, collaborative management. For example, our state’s unique and globally significant network of 124 marine protected areas (MPAs) is breaking new ground in improving ocean health. Supporting climate-resilient fisheries will protect marine ecosystems, local communities, and coastal economies. Additionally, coastal and marine biodiversity depend on clean water. Plastic pollution, harmful algal blooms, nutrient runoff, legacy and emerging pollutants, and marine invasive species harm ecosystems and individual species, plus trigger significant health and economic costs for Californians, including costs related to litter cleanup, contaminated beaches, and fisheries closures. Learn more in our Strategic Plan to Protect California’s Coast and Ocean 2020–2025.

Current Programs

We work to safeguard our coastal and underwater ecosystems, habitats, fisheries, and marine life by supporting the adaptive management of marine protected areas, supporting sustainable fisheries, fighting for water quality, and advancing California’s commitment to conserve 30% of our coastal waters by 2030. 

Marine Protected Areas

Learn about our role in the management of California’s Marine Protected Areas Network.  

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Sustainable Fisheries

Explore how we support
science-based, collaborative
fisheries management. 

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Marine Pollution

Understand our work in reducing
marine pollution and harmful
algal blooms. 

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30×30 Initiative

Discover the path to protecting
30% of California’s coast
and ocean by 2030. 

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Together, we can protect our diverse marine habitats and species.

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Staff Contacts

Michael Esgro
Senior Biodiversity Program
 & Tribal Liaison

Pike Spector

Pike Spector
Biodiversity Program Manager

Abby Mohan
30×30 Program Manager

Anh Diep
30×30 Program Manager

Staci Lewis 
Marine Protected Areas
Program Manager

Conner Smith
California Sea Grant Fellow