OPC Sponsors California Track of Fish 2.0 – Apply to Participate in a Free Workshop on November 28-29, 2018

On July 25, 2018, the Ocean Protection Council approved funding to support a California track of Fish 2.0 through online trainings, webinars, regional and global workshops and other activities to enhance sustainability of fisheries and fishing communities through innovation. The California track of Fish 2.0 is now launched and the California workshop is set for November 28-29 in San Francisco. Any California seafood businesses involved in any aspect of seafood supply chains, climate resilience technologies or seafood production, harvesting and trade, are eligible to apply to participate in this free workshop. The online competition of the California track of Fish 2.0 will begin directly after the November 28-29 workshop. Additional details and the workshop flyer are available on the Fish 2.0 California Track homepage, as well as on OPC’s Fish 2.0 California track project page.

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