MLMA Lessons Learned Project

The Marine Life Management Act Lessons Learned (MLMA LL) project is now complete.  The effort was jointly sponsored by the OPC and the Fish and Game Commission (Commission) in cooperation with the Department of Fish and Game (DFG).

This project  evaluated the performance of the MLMA to date and provides recommendations to improve future MLMA efforts. This page is intended to serve as a public resource for the project.


MLMA LL Project Team: The project was contracted to a multi-disciplinary team that included: J. Michael Harty [Project Manager], John Kirlin, Susan Iudicello, Michael Healey, DeWitt John, and Ralph Larson. The OPC project manager is Valerie Termini, and Craig Shuman is the project lead for the Commission.


Project Components: The project has completed two draft reports:

  • A description of MLMA implementation (Task 1); and
  • An evaluation identifying lessons learned (Task 2) and making recommendations for improving future implementation (Task 3).

Both reports are available in draft form through this web page for public review.  

Public Outreach and Input: The project depends on effective outreach to people knowledgeable about a broad range of MLMA issues. The MLMA LL team will tap into this knowledge in a variety of ways. Interviews with knowledgeable individuals and groups will be one part of their approach, along with review of documents, statutory language, and other resources.  

Project Schedule and Key Project Activities: The project began January 1, 2009 and is scheduled to last approximately one year. The MLMA LL team will be planning their approach, reviewing background information, developing a list of key issues, and identifying key stakeholders during the initial phase. Interviews will begin in early spring and continue during the year based on project needs.


Project Documents:


Background Documents and Popular Resources:


Contact the MLMA LL team: To contact the LLT, please send an email to this address:


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