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Marine Protected Area Key Documents

The management of the Marine Protected Area Network is guided by several key documents that define the management goals of the Network and the roles and responsibilities of managing agencies and partners.

Marine Life Protection Act: The Marine Life Protection Act of 1999 directs the state to redesign California’s system of marine protected areas (MPAs) to function as a network in order to: increase coherence and effectiveness in protecting the state’s marine life and habitats, marine ecosystems, and marine natural heritage, as well as to improve recreational, educational and study opportunities provided by marine ecosystems subject to minimal human disturbance.

Marine Life Protection Act Draft Master Plan: The Master Plan guides the implementation of a Marine Protected Area Management Program to improve the design and management of California’s marine protected areas (MPAs) to the extent possible, as a statewide network. The Fish and Game Commission approved the final draft of the Master Plan an August 2016, which will be posted soon.

California Collaborative Approach: MPA Partnership Plan: The MPA Statewide Leadership Team outlines a partnership-based approach to managing California’s MPA Network.

MPA Statewide Leadership Team Work Plan: The creation of the Work Plan was identified as a priority task  in the Partnership Plan, and is a key tool in directing and defining agency and stakeholder roles and responsibilities in the MPA Management Program.

Statewide MPA Monitoring Program Two-pager: Research and Monitoring is one of the four focal areas that comprise the MPA Management Program.  The Statewide MPA Monitoring Program is anchored by a framework the guides the monitoring of ecosystems and human uses.

Memorandum of Understanding for Implementation of the California Marine Life Protection Act: Legally formalizes the commitment to successful management of the MPA Network by the the state agencies that comprise the MPA Statewide Leadership Team.

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Tidepooling is one of the best ways to explore California’s MPAs. Credit: Steve Lonhart

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