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Conflict of Interest Code



The Political Reform Act (Government Code § 8100, et. seq.) requires state and local government agencies to adopt and promulgate conflict-of-interest codes.  The Fair Political Practices Commission has adopted a regulation (2 Cal. Code of Regs. §18730) that contains the terms of a standard conflict-of-interest code, which can be incorporated by reference in an agency’s code.  After public notice and hearing, the standard code may be amended by the Fair Political Practices Commission to conform to amendments in the Political Reform Act.  Therefore, the terms of 2 California Code of Regulations § 18730 and any amendments duly adopted by the Fair Political Practices Commission are hereby incorporated by reference.  This regulation and the attached Appendices, designating officials and employees and establishing disclosure categories, shall constitute the conflict-of-interest code of the California Ocean Protection Council (Council).

Individuals holding designated positions shall file their statements with the State Coastal Conservancy, which will make the statements available for public inspection and reproduction.  (Gov. Code Sec. 81008.) Upon receipt of the statements of the Council members and their alternates, the State Coastal Conservancy shall make and retain a copy and forward the original to the Fair Political Practices Commission. All other statements will be retained by the State Coastal Conservancy.

 Authority:  Gov. Code §§ 87300 and 87304 Reference:  Gov. Code §§ 87300, et seq.



Designated Position

 Assigned Disclosure Categories

Council Members and Alternates


Executive Director


Assistant Secretary for Coastal and Ocean Policy, Resources Agency


Secretary to the Ocean Protection Council, Conservancy


Science Policy Advisor/Staff Environmental Scientist


Deputy Executive Officer, Ocean Program Supervisor, Conservancy


Staff Counsel, Conservancy


Conservancy/Council Project Development Analyst Series
Including, but not limited to, Project Manager and Project Specialist




*Consultants shall disclose pursuant to the broadest disclosure category in the code, subject to the following limitation:

The Secretary of the Council may determine in writing that a particular consultant, although a “designated position,” is hired to perform a range of duties that is limited in scope and thus is not required to comply with the disclosure requirements described in this section.  Such a determination shall include a description of the consultant’s duties and, based upon that description, a statement of the extent of disclosure requirements.  The Secretary to the Council’s determination is a public record and shall be retained for public inspection in the same manner and location as this conflict-of-interest code.  (Gov. Code Sec. 81008.)



(1)   Persons in Category (1) must disclose:

  • All investments and business positions in a business entity and sources of income, including gifts, loans and travel payments, from entities involved in maritime shipping, energy (such as oil and gas), fishing, marine aquaculture, scientific research, pharmaceuticals, ocean recreational activities and companies that engage in environmental planning, real estate (such as sales, brokerage or investment) or construction.
  • Interests in real property in the State of California.

(2)   Persons in Category (2) shall disclose all investments and business positions in a business entity or income, including gifts, loans and travel payments, from a source which is of the type that contracts with the Council to provide goods, services, materials or facilities to the Council or receives grants or monies from or through the Council.

Authority:  Gov. Code §§ 87300 and 87304 Reference:  Gov. Code §§  87300, et seq.

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