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CSSI Agenda – May 13, 2010


California Sustainable Seafood Initiative
May 13, 2010
10 AM – 4 PM
Elihu M. Harris 1515 Clay Street, Room 15
Oakland, CA. 94612


  1. Describe Advisory Panel goals and charge
  2. Present overview of existing standards/protocols and begin discussing criteria for a California certification system
  3. Lay out schedule for future Advisory Panel meetings


10:00 A.M.                  Welcome and Introductions

10:15 A.M.                  Goals and charge of the advisory panel

11:25 A.M.                  Stakeholder Assessment Findings

11:45 A.M.                  Presentation of Existing Standards/Labels

12:15 P.M.                  Lunch
                                    – on site

1:00 P.M.                    Discussion of Existing Standards/Protocols

2:30 P.M.                    Break

2:45 P.M.                    Discussion of Existing Standards/Protocol (continued)

3:15 P.M.                    Public Comment

3:45 P.M.                    Review Next Steps

4:00 P.M.                    Adjourn Meeting

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