California Fisheries Fund

The California Fisheries Fund offers loans to California fishing communities, groups, associations, and businesses who are interested in transitioning to more environmentally and economically sustainable fishing practices and management approaches. The Fund was developed in response to the lack of traditional capital available for financing improvements in fishery management, processing, and marketing that, in turn, could enhance conservation, profitability, and viability of fishing communities.

Examples of potential projects that may be supported by the Fund include those that:

  • promote the transition to gear types that have less impact on bottom habitats and reduced bycatch rates
  • reduce fishing capacity in overcapitalized fisheries
  • support planning and implementation for management reforms for a particular fishery
  • improve marketing for sustainable seafood products or create sustainable seafood products that qualify for certification
  • support fisheries-supporting infrastructure

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) currently manages the Fisheries Fund and developed the concept in coordination with ShoreBank Enterprise Pacific, a nonprofit community development financial institution. EDF has used OPC funds as leverage to raise an additional $3 million from private sources.


Please visit the California Fisheries Fund website for more information or if you are interested in applying for a loan.
Events and Updates
In April 2009, the fund announced its first loans. Read more about them on the CFF website.

Project Grantee and Partners
Environmental Defense Fund
ShoreBank Enterprise Pacific

Investing in the Future of California’s Fisheries – The California Fisheries Fund Business Framework (October, 2006)

Council Documents
Fund capitalization staff recommendation (February 2007)
Business plan staff recommendation (September 2005)