OPC approves grant for Newport Bay Water Wheel

At its October 25, 2018 meeting, OPC approved a $1.68 million Proposition 1 grant to the City of Newport Beach for planning and implementation of the Newport Bay Water Wheel project. The staff recommendation is available here and links to the related exhibits are on the meeting agenda page (see meeting link above).

After planning and permitting are completed, the Water Wheel will be installed in approximately 2020. It will operate on creek flow and solar power to remove floating trash and debris in San Diego Creek before it enters the Upper Newport Bay marine protected area and the Pacific Ocean. It will be located within and along San Diego Creek above Upper Newport Bay.

Modeled closely on the design of the highly successful Baltimore Trash Wheel project, the Newport Bay Water Wheel could immediately reduce trash load reductions of 50%-80% once installed, according to estimates by the City of Newport Beach. Follow Mr. Trash Wheel on Twitter to learn more.


Photo Credit:  Mr. Trash Wheel

1-Pager on the Proposition 1 and Proposition 84 Competitive Grant Programs

The California Ocean Protection Council (OPC) was established to improve the management and protection of ocean and coastal resources and ecosystems. One of the many ways OPC achieves this purpose is by supporting innovative research that directly informs and improves the stewardship of ocean and coastal resources. While we hope our grant guidelines are clear and straightforward to use, we wanted to offer this 1-pager resource to help potential grant applicants navigate the differences between the Proposition 1 and Proposition 84 grant programs. Applicants may apply to both Proposition 1 and Proposition 84 competitive grant programs simultaneously. … read more

OPC Proposition 1 Grant Program

The next round of OPC Proposition 1 funding is anticipated to be released in 2021.




Non Profit Organization Questionnaire Form Land Tenure / Property Data / Site Control Worksheet and Form
CEQA And Environmental Compliance Form 2019 Corps Consultation Review Form
Governing Body Resolution Template Link to Proposition 1 Logo Artwork
OPC Logo Artwork

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The interactive map at the right shows the projects approved by OPC in Round 2 in 2018.

Click on each orange marker to see more detailed information about each project.

Zoom in on the North Coast of California to see additional project markers that do not display well with the default view.



ROUND 1 (2016)

The staff recommendations for projects approved during Round 1 of OPC’s Proposition 1 Grant Program at the June 29, 2016 meeting of the OPC are available here.

ROUND 2 (2018)

Eight projects were approved by the OPC at the July 25, 2018 meeting. Staff recommendations for the July 2018 approved projects are available here. One additional project was approved by the OPC at the October 25, 2018 meeting and the staff recommendation is available here.


The Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014 (Proposition 1 or “Prop 1”) was approved by voters in November 2014 (California Water Code CWC Division 26.7). Funding from Prop 1 is intended to fund projects that provide more reliable water supplies, restore important species and habitat, and develop a more resilient and sustainably managed water system (water supply, water quality, flood protection, and environment) that can better withstand inevitable and unforeseen pressures in the coming decades.

Prop 1 Chapter 6, “Protecting Rivers, Lakes, Streams, Coastal Waters, and Watersheds,” allocates $30 million to the OPC for a competitive grant program for multibenefit ecosystem and watershed protection and restoration projects in accordance with statewide priorities, CWC §79730 and §79731(d). It is the intent of the OPC to fund projects that meet Prop 1 criteria and fulfill of the mission of the OPC to ensure that California maintains healthy, resilient, and productive ocean and coastal ecosystems for the benefit of current and future generations.

More information about Proposition 1 can be found at the California Natural Resources Agency’s Bond Accountability Website.

If you have questions about the OPC Proposition 1 grant program, contact us via email at: OPC_Prop1grants@resources.ca.gov