Bidder Questions and Answers

  1. Could  you send along any information as to the budget range of this project?  The RFQ  does not specify a budget range and bidders are instructed to let the specific scope and the timeline in the RFQ  guide budgeting.
  2. The RFQ states that responses must be limited to no more than 10 sheets…and that sheets should be printed double sided. Although I expect that the intention was a limit of 10 pages, this could be interpreted as 20 pages, 10 sheets. Can you please clarify this?  Limit is 5 pages double sided excluding organizational chart, references, resumes and cover letter.
  3. We saw that the grantee will work in collaboration with CDFW, OPC, and the MSLT. Do you have any more insight on what group the grantee will collaborate with most closely throughout the project? CDFW and OPC
  4. We noticed that the proposal uses the terms “indicators” and “metrics.” We know that both terms may also be used in the MPA Monitoring Action Plan and the Master Plan for Marine Protected Areas; for the purposes of this project, are these words used synonymously? Yes.
  5. Are team member resumes meant to be limited to 1 page each, or 1 page total? One page total for each team member.