Dungeness Crab Task Force

The Dungeness Crab Task Force (DCTF) is a legislatively-mandated advisory body that reviews and evaluates Dungeness crab fishery management measures and provides recommendations to the Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture (JCFA), California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), and the Fish and Game Commission (FGC).

The California Ocean Protection Council (OPC) is designated as the body responsible for convening and administering the California Dungeness Crab Task Force (DCTF) pursuant to Fish and Game Code Section 8276.4. Senate Bills 1690 (Wiggins, 2008) and 369 (Evans, 2011), and 1310 (McGuire, 2018) have amended this Fish and Game Code section.

The composition of the DCTF, as described in Fish and Game Code Section 8276.4, is comprised of various members, including commercial and recreational fishermen, a member representing commercial passenger fishing vessel (CPFV) interests, crab processors, as well as non-voting members from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), California Sea Grant and CDFW. The 17 commercial fishermen are elected by their peers from the same respective port complex and production level. The DCTF is directed to review and evaluate Dungeness crab fishery management measures and provide its recommendations to the JCFA, the CDFW, and the FGC.


For links to the latest commercial and recreational Dungeness crab fishery information, please visit the California Department of Fish and Wildlife crab homepage.


The California Ocean Protection Council (OPC) and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) carry out DCTF commercial fishing elections as described in Fish and Game Code Section 8276.4. Commercial fishermen are elected to the DCTF by their peers to represent their home port complexes and production level. DCTF elections shall be held every three years in each port, on a staggered basis across ports.

The results of the DCTF Commercial Fishing Elections are available in the Current DCTF Member List. Future election processes are anticipated to follow a similar process as described below.

DCTF Election Process and Timelines
Elections are generally carried out with two separate mailings:

  1. Mailing #1: Nomination Form: All valid California Dungeness crab permitholders receive a form in the mail to nominate individuals for the DCTF.
  2. Mailing #2: Ballot: Ballots are compiled from the list of nominees. Permitholders from Eureka, Bodega Bay, Half Moon Bay, and Non-resident California Dungeness crab permitholders will receive a ballot in 2023. Votes tallied from these ballots will determine the members who serve on the DCTF representing these port complexes.

2023 DCTF Election Documents:

Nomination Forms are due by Monday, April 10, 2023.

Group 2 Ports: Elections in 2023
If your vessel’s registered home port is in any of the following port complexes, you are eligible to vote in the Group 2 DCTF elections in 2020, 2023, and 2026:

  • Eureka (includes Shelter Cove and all ports within Humboldt Bay)
  • Bodega Bay (includes Bolinas and all ports within Tomales Bay)
  • Half Moon Bay
  • Non-resident California Dungeness crab permitholder (includes all out of state vessel port registrations designated as Unknown)

Group 1 Ports: Elections in 2025
If your vessel’s registered home port is in any of the following port complexes, you are eligible to vote in the Group 1 DCTF elections in 2019, 2022, 2025, and 2028:

  • Crescent City (includes all California ports north of Trinidad)
  • Trinidad
  • Fort Bragg (includes all ports in Mendocino County)
  • San Francisco (includes ports from within San Francisco Bay)
  • South of Half Moon Bay (includes all ports from Monterey Bay south)



To stay informed about upcoming meetings and other DCTF related activities, sign up for the DCTF email list. Please direct all questions and comments to info@dungenesscrabtaskforce.com.


Upcoming DCTF meeting materials, or the most recent DCTF meeting materials, are listed below. All previous DCTF meetings and materials are archived here.

DCTF Meeting #16 – April 23, 2024


Upcoming DCTF Executive Committee meeting materials, or the most recent DCTF Executive Committee meeting materials, are listed below. All previous Executive Committee meeting materials are archived here.

DCTF Executive Committee Meeting – July 13, 2023

DCTF Executive Committee Meeting – May 25, 2023


 All DCTF meeting are open to the public. Written public comment specific to a DCTF or DCTF Executive Committee meeting are requested a minimum of 24 hours in advance of a meeting. Comments should be sent to info@dungnesscrabtaskforce.com. Please review the DCTF’s guidelines for providing public comment to the Dungeness Crab Task Force. 

Additionally, if DCTF Members and members of the public are interested in submitting requests for agenda items to be considered and discussed at upcoming DCTF and/or DCTF Executive Committee meetings, please review these Guidelines to Submit Requests DCTF & Executive Committee Agenda Items.

Comments and Proposals – Submitted by DCTF Members

  • Click here to read written proposals and comments by DCTF Members

Comments – Public and Agency

  • Click here to read written proposals and comments submitted for the DCTF’s consideration


Legislatively-Mandated Reports

Other Reports

Additional DCTF Informational Materials



Section 8276.4 of the Fish and Game Code states that seven members are appointed to the DCTF by the Chair of the Ocean Protection Council following a public solicitation for nominations. These seven members represent sport fishing, crab processing, commercial passenger fishing vessel, nongovernmental organization interests, and are as follows:

  • One voting (1) and one nonvoting (1) member representing sport fishing interests.
  • Two voting (2) members representing crab processing interests.
  • One voting (1) member representing commercial passenger fishing vessel interests.
  • Two nonvoting (2) members representing nongovernmental organization interests.

Those appointed to represent non-commercial fishing seats are included in the Current DCTF Member List.

The DCTF also includes nonvoting representatives from CDFW and California Sea Grant. Two nonvoting (2) members representing CDFW are appointed by CDFW. One nonvoting (1) representative of University of California Sea Grant is appointed by University of California Sea Grant.


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