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Submitting an Unsolicited Proposal

NOTE:  The OPC is not accepting unsolicited proposals at this time.

All applicants for unsolicited projects must submit a pre-proposal–no longer than one page–that outlines:

  • The project need (what is the problem that needs to be solved?)
  • The project approach (what work will be conducted and who will be involved?)
  • The OPC program priority that will be addressed
  • The OPC strategic plan action that will be addressed (please site a specific action from Appendix A in the strategic plan)
  • Estimated total budget


Evaluation Process
Each pre-proposal will be reviewed by the OPC secretary to determine if it is consistent with the current program priorities, the strategic plan, and the OPC grant program objectives. If a pre-proposal is deemed consistent, applicants will be asked to submit a full proposal. Full proposals will be evaluated by a review panel established by OPC staff. When appropriate, proposals may be sent to the OPC Steering Committee members for comment or to the Ocean Science Trust and outside experts for technical review

Each member of the review panel will review each application and score it based on the following criteria:

  • Management Relevance: How well will this project improve our management of ocean and coastal resources?
  • Innovativeness: Is this an approach that has not been tried or will result in a new approach to management?
  • Uniqueness: Is this a proposal that can be/should be funded by other sources?
  • OPC Program Priorities: How well does the proposal fulfill the OPC’s program priorities?
  • Technical/Scientific Merit: Is the project approach technically sound? What is the likelihood the project will fulfill its stated goals and objectives? How feasible will it be to determine project effectiveness?
  • Overall Qualification of Applicants: Has the applicant demonstrated the necessary experience, training, facilities, and administrative resources to accomplish the project?
  • Project Costs: Has the applicant demonstrated that the project budget is appropriate to accomplish the goals?
  • Support: Does the project enjoy public and/or state agency support?

After individual review panel members have scored the proposals, they will meet to compare scores, share expertise, and develop a consensus ranking for the proposals. The OPC staff will consider the review panel’s recommendation on each proposal and may recommend them to the OPC for funding based upon additional program considerations that management will evaluate, including:

  • Availability of funding
  • Balance/distribution of funds among funding categories
  • Coordination with other projects funded or considered for funding by the OPC or other state agencies

The soonest a proposal may be brought by staff to the OPC for consideration is the second meeting after staff receives the proposal. Proposals may, however, be held over for a future meeting based on funding availability, the completeness of information needed to develop a recommendation to the OPC, or other factors.

Conflict of Interest
Any person involved in the evaluation of funding requests will avoid conflicts of interest as well as the appearance of any conflict of interest.

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