Sustainable Fisheries

The California State Legislature has directed state agencies to use innovative approaches to managing California‘s fishery resources and marine ecosystems, as exemplified in the Marine Life Management Act of 1998 (MLMA) and the Marine Life Protection Act of 1999 (MLPA). OPC is building on the foundation laid by the MLMA and the MLPA, and partnering with both the regulatory bodies charged with implementing these statutes as well as fishing constituent groups to help advance ocean ecosystem management in California.





Boats At Morro Bay by Chrissy Vallianos

Ventura Harbor by Jill Cloutier

The goal of OPC’s Sustainable Fisheries program is to enhance the sustainability of California’s ocean fisheries to protect marine ecosystems, port communities, and coastal economies. 

OPC achieves this goal through the following objectives:

    1. Advancing innovative, science-based approaches and tools
    2. Improving data sharing and decision-support tools for visualizing and analyzing these data
    3. Supporting innovative research and development to enhance the economic and ecological sustainability of fisheries
    4. Strengthening partnerships and collaboration among agencies, fishing constituent groups, NGOs, academic & other partners
    5. Fostering resilient fishing communities and working harbors

The OPC is committed to supporting science-based approaches that inform fisheries management, and collaborating with partners to advance improved governance of California fisheries. The OPC uses lessons learned from earlier initiatives to inform new and innovative approaches to fisheries management.

Currently Funded Projects

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Photo: John Gannon

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Photo: Mike Corcoran

Photo: David Orias

Photo: Carolyn Ewers

  1. Dungeness Crab Fishing Gear Working Group 
  2. 30 Marine Species Synthesis Reports
  3. California Fisheries Portal Focus Groups
  4. Socioeconomic Guidance for California Fisheries Management
  5. Scientific Peer Review: Guidance & Recommendations for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife
  6. Marine Landings Database System
  7. California Fisheries Fund

Selected Projects & Initiatives

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Photo: Mark Corcoran


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Sustainable Fisheries Program Manager: Paige Berube;; 916-651-1264