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Outreach on Coastal and Bay Flooding

The Coastal Commission has developed several resources on El Niño, including a fact sheet, information on emergency permits and checklists for community preparedness, general property preparedness and shoreline property preparedness. http://www.coastal.ca.gov/climate/extreme-weather/el-nino/

Surviving the Storm, a study by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute with Coastal Conservancy support, describes the economic impacts (over $10 billion) of a major (150 year) storm on the Bay Area and provides recommendations. http://www.bayareacouncil.org/issues-initiatives/storm-flood-protection/

The Water at Bay is a mini-documentary about flood hazards in the Bay Area and the role wetlands can play in coastal flood risk management, now and in the future as sea levels rise. http://ourbayonthebrink.org/minidoc/.

The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission is collaborating on many projects to address flooding, inundation and erosion from storms and sea-level rise, including the Adapting to Rising Tides Project, which offers many resources for community engagement.

California King Tides Project
The California King Tides Project helps people visualize how sea level rise will impact their lives. Via smartphones and social media, we invite you to document “king tides” – the highest high tides of today, which will be the average water levels of the future.