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Sustainable Fisheries

The California State Legislature has directed state agencies to use innovative approaches to managing California‘s fishery resources and marine ecosystems (e.g., the Marine Life Management Act of 1998 (MLMA) and the Marine Life Protection Act of 1999 (MLPA)). Over the next five years, the OPC will build on the foundation laid by the MLMA and the MLPA, and partner with the regulatory bodies charged with implementing these statutes and others to help advance ocean ecosystem management in the state. The goal of OPC’s Sustainable Fisheries program is to promote healthy marine ecosystems and sustainable marine fisheries in order to protect California’s living coastal and ocean resources, and the communities and economic activities that rely upon them.

Photo credit: Valerie Termini

Photo credit: Valerie Termini

Emerging fisheries management tools and stronger partnerships among fisheries constituent groups will improve marine resource agencies’ ability to understand and efficiently and effectively manage California’s fisheries. The OPC supports science-based approaches to inform fisheries management, and works with partners to advance improved governance of California fisheries. The OPC will use lessons learned from earlier initiatives to inform new and innovative approaches to fisheries management.

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