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Ocean Litter Strategy Update

The Ocean Protection Council (OPC) is updating its 2008 Implementation Strategy to Reduce and Prevent Ocean Litter (Strategy), in partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Marine Debris Program.

Why is a Strategy update needed?

Since the original Strategy was developed, many of the actions described in the document have either been accomplished or are in progress. In addition, new forms of ocean litter, such as microfibers, have been identified since 2008, and are not covered in the Strategy. In essence, the Strategy is due for an update. The update process will expand the Strategy to include projects of a variety of scales and scopes so that entities including government agencies, industry, and nonprofits can make a meaningful contribution towards reducing ocean litter in California.

How can stakeholders and other interested parties engage?

The updated Draft Strategy, derived from ideas generated at the first Ocean Litter workshop held in May 2017, was made available in mid September, and the public comment period on the document closed on October 16, 2017. The Draft Strategy includes priorities, objectives, and tables of action items with corresponding needs and barriers, resources, and lead and partner organizations. Portions of the Strategy include red text and blank tables; the draft nature of this document was intentional to solicit public comment and guide stakeholder discussion at the second workshop on November 15-16, 2017. Compiled public comments on the Draft Strategy are available here.

The Draft Strategy is currently being revised to integrate feedback from public comment and the November stakeholder workshop, along with identified priorities for OPC to address land and ocean-based marine debris in California.

The revised Strategy will be available for additional public comment in mid-to-late January 2018.  Comments and questions on the Strategy should be submitted via email to: We anticipate adoption of the final Strategy by the Ocean Protection Council at their April 2018 meeting.

If you are interested in receiving email updates about the Ocean Litter Strategy Update process, please contact Miho Ligare at to be added to the email list.


The OPC provided $20,000 from the Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2006 Proposition 84 to fund this project.

Project Grantee

California Sea Grant
University of California, San Diego
Miho Ligare
(858) 534-1160

OPC Staff Contact
Holly Wyer, Program Manager

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